Josh Mauser

Josh grew up in Louisville, Ky where he first began his photography career at DuPont Manual High School. He went on to attend Western Kentucky University for their Photojournalism program. During his time at school he worked with the WKU Herald as a staff photographer, videographer and editor before interning with the Kalamazoo Gazette in Michigan. 

After graduation, Josh's work brought him all over the world. He documented discrimination against the Roma people in Eastern Europe and later went to Ghana to photograph education issues facing their youth. These experiences were transformative opportunities that led Josh to pursue both photography and videography. 

Josh later moved to Jacksonville, Fl where he lead the social media campaign for Bold Bean Coffee Roasters and helped to improve traffic and social engagement with their online presence. He also freelanced for local businesses and the Daily Mail out of New York. 

In late 2014, Josh moved back to Louisville to work with Kertis Creative, a small, independent photo and video production team that specializes in journalistic style advertising. Since joining their team he has been a part of over 75 different projects including work for clients as big as Jack Daniel's and General Electric and as small as Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and the Louisville Orchestra. 

When Josh is not working with the Kertis Creative team, he still enjoys picking up assignments for local and national newspapers and magazines. He is also an avid outdoorsman, soccer player and coffee drinker. He also loves to meet and collaborate with other like minded artists...

Feel free to say hi!

Instagram: @joshmauser

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